With the acceptance of community transmission and the increasing likelihood of exposure events occurring,  the Veterinary Profession has been assessing the operational risks to staff and customers. Under the Government Worksafe guidelines we operate at, we have identified that parts of our work place are considered to be High Risk. That is; we have close contact (often less than 1 meter spacing) with large numbers of people per day for periods of time that often exceed 15 minutes. For other parts of our business we have different risk factors such as our lower risk Country Vets. Our open retail space at the front of house where distancing, numbers and contact time is managed well is another area with its own risk profile.

For this reason, from the 5th January there will be different protocols for different areas of our clinic:
1) Close contact and confined spaces with a Vaccine Pass for Vaccinated staff and customers.
2) Open areas with no Vaccine Pass required where distancing is possible and potential risk reduced. 

What this means in practical terms is our open retail space/reception area will continue to operate as usual.

However, we will be requiring vaccine passes for entry into our small consultation rooms and ‘back of house’ with a limit to one person per household (other than care giving situations).

Where vaccine passes are not available we have created a new consultation area that has larger spacing, higher natural ventilation and is also where families can gather when pets are needing special visits for hospital stays or forever farewells.  For general visits we will still only be able to offer one person per house hold. Also as we only have one room of this type it will need to be booked with us ahead of your visit.

For our Country Vets, things will continue as they are, where no vaccine passes are required but sensible precautions will be taken and any of your concerns respected.

We continue to ask you to wear masks and to avoid coming to the clinic if you have any symptoms or contact with Covid-19. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss any particular concerns or requirements that you have with any of these matters.

We really appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate this strange new world.

Best wishes from the Team at Town & Country Vets