Danny was born and raised in Kakahi in the North Island but his heritage is Slovakian and Ukranian. Danny has a passion for small furry creatures, and from a young age he has taken in all the less unfortunate animals in this world. He currently has adopted two local stray cats and has a flock of turkeys roaming the farm.

Danny graduated at the top of the class from Massey in 1977 and worked in general practice in Taranaki and over in Australia. He also spent a couple of years overseas including a stint in general practice in Zimbabwe.

Danny returned to New Zealand and moved to Nelson in 1992. He was planning to travel about and be a locum until Roger Bay snapped him up and they joined forces as CRT Vets. Danny lives out in Tapawera and spends most of his time travelling between farms and goes undercover during sheep scanning season.

Outside of Town & Country Vet, Danny is a passionate fisherman and can often be found roaming the banks of the Motueka River!