Debbie is a part-time Veterinarian at Town and Country Vet and works with both small and large animals. She enjoys different challenges of each area, to keeps things exciting and interesting. Most days she will be found consulting in clinic, performing routine surgery, or on farm dehorning cattle, she really can do anything! Debbie offers a cheerful, kind service for our customers and their animals.

Debbie grew up on a NZ sheep and Beef farm. Her dream to become a vet started from a young age, she has always loved animals and longed for a job which involved animals and the outdoors, she really wasn’t interested in being stuck in an office!

After a good few years of hard studying at Massey University, she worked here in New Zealand and in a small animal practise in the UK, she took 2 horses over to compete in Eventing with the goal of competing at the Badminton Horse Trials, She managed to qualify but then her horse strained a tendon so they were never able to compete. She stayed for 7 years before moving back to New zealand.

Debbie and her family came back to NZ in 2015 and she worked a few years in a dairy practise in Murchison before settling in Nelson. She joined Town and Country Vet in 2017.

If you really want to see Debbie in her element, she spends her free time mountain biking, gardening, and breeding nice sport horses.

Debbie also spends family time with her husband Mitch (also a veterinarian at T&C Vet) and her two children, on their lovely Dovedale farm, with cattle, horse, pigs and schnauzers!