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As pet owners ourselves we know how stressful it can be when considering having your animal anaesthetised.

Our nurses play a huge role in the care of your pets throughout their time with us. Our team has many years of experience and are all registered veterinary nurses. As important as this is how committed they are to their patients to make sure they are warm, safe and their pain is managed.

On the day of your pets procedure our nurses will talk through with you the plan and make sure everything is recorded that is planned for the day. They will discuss pre-anaesthetic bloods and any specific concerns you have.

Prior to any anaesthetic all our patients have a complete examination with one of our vets and then an anaesthetic plan is created. This includes sedation, pain relief, anaesthetic drug and dose selection as well as planning any specific concerns.

We use surgical safety checklists to reduce the risk of any unforeseen complications.

Our clinic offers 3 multi-parameter monitoring machines to monitor things like ECG, blood oxygenation, blood pressure, temperature and expired CO2. We maintain patient warming with a combination of medical grade water circulation mats, air warmers and IV fluid warmers.

During the procedure your pet is continuously monitored by a dedicated nurse and every patient has an anaesthetic record created.

Before recovery we make sure we have a thorough recover plan including any specific concerns related to your pet, or the procedure they have had, post-operative pain, nutrition and fluid plans. Their recovery is also monitored by veterinary nurse until they are awake and comfortable.

We will contact you as soon as possible once they are well into recovery to help put your mind at rest and discuss the procedure.

We aim to send you a photo of your pet once they are comfortable and settled.