Results are kept current and updated on these graphs, we try and get samples from all our provided areas weekly but sometime this is not possible and areas may be missed from time to time.

We hope this provides a helpful guideline for your area, but results will differ from your particular property and conditions.


Updated 24/03/21: Samples from Eves Valley was 5,000 and samples from Redwood Valley was zero.

16/03/21: Note: Samples from Tapawera, Redwood Valley and Appleby all showed zero results.

10/03/21: Note: Two samples in Redwood Valley with counts of 5,000 for both. One sample in Eves Valley of 10,000.

05/03/21: Note: Positive counts for Tapawera with 30,000, Eves Valley with 10,000, Appleby with two samples at 10,000 and a Zero, and Redwood Valley with two samples at 40,000 and a 10,000. It is likely rain has washed some spores down off the plants and if the warm weather continues counts are likely to rise.

26/02/21 Note: Positive count at Appleby of 5,000 & in Eves Valley 15,000 this week. All other counts were zero.

25/02/21 Note: Positive count at Appleby of 45,000 late last week. All other counts were zero.

11/02/21 Note: Spore samples from the last week from Tapawera, Eves Valley, Appleby & Redwood Valley have shown no spores from the samples collected.



Tapawera samples have been from IRRIGATED pasture.

Tapawera samples from the 26th March also have results of 30,000 & 10,000 from the same property.

Belgrove samples are a new area, from the 25th March they also have results of  10,000 & 40,000 from the same property.

Upper Moutere samples from the 29th March also have a result of 75,000 from the same property.