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Companion Pet Newsletter

In our latest newsletter we highlight dental disease in dogs and cats is often overlooked, and many people assume that bad breath is normal. Periodontal disease is by far the number one health problem in our cats and dogs.
It is important to consider dental hygiene as a another key component in your pet’s overall heath, together with things like nutrition, proper exercise and routine grooming.

Antifreeze Poisoning in Cats and Dogs

Welcome to the team Hannah and Grace

We recently celebrated World Vet Day and National Administrative Day and on behalf of all the staff at Town and Country Vet we would like take those of you that took the time to thank the staff with all your kind words.

In our latest pet newsletter you’ll find information about Rat Bait and Karaka berry toxicity. It is also time to prepare for the cooler months of the year, so we’ve included some great tips and ideas for keeping your fur babies warm during the Autumn and Winter season.

Have you kept up with our Facebook page? We’ve had some informative post regarding the hot and dry weather we’ve been having in Nelson & Tasman. Along with some very cute updates of our clients enjoying themselves in our Self-service dog wash. Haven’t seen it? Click on the link to read our full newsletter now.