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Equine dentistry is about three main things, Animal welfare, Comfort and Performance. We ensure these standards are met for our clients and patients.

All our dental work is performed at our new facility on Haycock road, Town and Country Vet Equine. We have a great set up with a crush and head sling, as well as recovery yards once the procedure is finished.

We choose to always sedate horses for dentals. This is a standing sedation and only given after assessing each patient carefully. Sedation ensures the horse is more compliant, which enables a thorough examination. It also helps the horse to be less stressed during the procedure.

We offer digital radiographic imaging if needed as this can be very useful in recognizing signs of pathologic conditions in the mouth. Quick processing of the image enables the Vet to take multiple images and continue the dentistry work needed at a high level of care to the animal.

Golden Bay is on our list of regular places to visit for Equine Dentistry.
Our visits over the hill have been going on for a number of years now. We plan a visit there every couple of months and arrange a full day of dentals and other equine consults to be done.