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Dog Teeth Brushing & Dental Care

By carrying out a consistent home dental care programme, using one or a combination of a few of these recommendations below, you will greatly improve your pet’s oral health. This will benefit you and your pet with fewer professional teeth cleanings required, less tooth loss and a happy healthier pet!

The ideal way to keep teeth clean and avoid dental decay is by brushing. This option actively removes plaque. You can use a pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste comes in different flavours.

WARNING: don’t use human toothpaste as the foaming and extra fluoride they swallow isn’t ideal for their health and can be dangerous.

We recommend C.E.T.® Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats

Dual-Enzyme System toothpaste is safe for dogs and cats. The active ingredients slow the formation of plaque and help to quickly eliminate mouth odours. These toothpastes come in 2 appealing flavours, contain no foaming agents, and are safe for pets to swallow. Poultry and malt flavours are well-accepted by pets to help make brushing easy.

Owners can use either a finger brush or the double-ended toothbrush included in the Virbac kits has safely rounded edges and fits perfectly to your dog or cat’s mouth to make brushing easy and effective.

Watch the video below for a short demonstration on how routine dental care can look  like with your pet.

Dental Biscuit Diet


Dental diets are a popular choice for home dental care as you are feeding a fully balanced diet as well as providing dental care benefits.

The large biscuit size promotes chewing and maximizes contact with the teeth and they often have compounds to slow tartar and plaque build up. The biscuit is designed to create a brushing effect rather than breaking apart like a traditional pet food biscuit.

When brushing your dog’s teeth is not possible the dental diets are a great option to help reduce plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.