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Equine Overview

Over recent times the popularity of the horse has blossomed in the Nelson area and the Town & Country Equine Veterinary Team has expanded to meet the demand.

Warren ‘Mitch’ Mitchell leads the team in our equine department, along with Llyn Powell and Roger Bay. Mitch has 20 years of veterinary experience, the last 13 of which have been in equine practices. He has also passed his Australian college membership examinations in equine medicine. He has extensive experience in equine reproduction, lameness, medicine and dentistry.

We offer all our services at our new facility at Town & Country Vet Equine on Haycock road, Hope as well as on location visits.
We offer:

  • Broodmare Management – both natural & artificial breeding.
  • Dentistry – Routine and Corrective
  • Lameness – in depth work-up including nerve blocks
  • Digital X-ray
  • Tendon & Soft Tissue Scanning
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Pre-purchase exams
  • Health Management Programs and Products
  • Vaccination Programs & Worm Control
  • Advice

We perform routine and emergency surgeries, including castration, limb corrective surgery, castration and cryptorchid surgery.

Mitch is highly experienced in offering the best care in the surgical department.

Shockwave therapy

Our Equine Veterinarian Warren Mitchell operates this piece of equipment and has been using shockwave therapy extensively for the last 10 years in Matamata and the UK.

SWT has been used in human medicine for at least 20 years and with huge positive results SWT has been adapted for use in treating a variety of orthopedic and soft tissue conditions in horses. These include tendon and ligament injuries, bone spavin, ring bone, navicular syndrome, back pain, stimulation of bone remodeling, stress fractures and splints.

Sound wave pulses with a high pressure at a specific place on the affected area of the horse. This increases blood supply to the treated area and effects the inflammatory processes to help remodel and rebuild bone and soft tissues, decrease pain and increase the immune response in order to promote healing.

Shockwave therapy not only promotes and speeds up the healing process, but ultimately causes various soft tissue injuries to heal more thoroughly with less fibrous tissue accumulation. The treatment can also be used for chronic injuries.