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Llyn Powell BVSc - Partner and Practice Manager

Llyn Powell is a director of Town and Country Vet and one of the main visionaries behind our passion, enthusiasm and focus on finding solutions for our customers and their animals. Llyn along with Roger has steered the growth and direction of the practice, now a team of 33 and still growing… he is extremely proud of the team and their dedication.

Llyn grew up on a large Sheep & Beef farm in Kirikau, south of Taumarunui. His dream to become a vet started as a boy on the farm and to follow in his brothers footsteps.

After a good few years of hard studying at Massey University he graduated in 1988 and spent the next few years learning the skills of a mixed practitioner working in Tokoroa and Southern Rangitikei and even took a trip over to the UK to locum.

After a 3 month trip to the Nelson/Tasman region in his backpacking days, he and his future wife Sally decided Nelson was the outdoor paradise they wanted to make their home. He joined Roger and CRT vets in summer of 95/96.

Llyn is a man of many talents, having experience in large and small animals and was responsible for getting our performance equine dentistry well recognised.These days he spends most of his time performing Small Animal Orthopedics surgeries and has fixed hundreds of cruciate disease patients. He is still seen out and about dealing with urgent cases when needed.

If you really want to see Llyn in his element, just find any steep mountain face, snow topped mountain or sunny, calm spot of water as he is a keen sportsman and spends most of his free time with his 2 children and wife, enjoying mountain biking, skiing, squash and any sport involving the water. To emphasise how keen this man is when it comes to sport, he has competed in the ‘Coast to Coast’ multisport event twice now and has many more years in him, no doubt!

Aside from all the adventure, Llyn’s remaining time takes him back to his hill top farm in Hope, where he continues to live his childhood dream of raising cattle and generally enjoying country life with the family pets, two cats and two dogs, a rescue dog Moose and a Wire Haired Jack Russel Ghillie… a cattle dog in the making… maybe!