medicationWhy has my veterinarian prescribed this medicine?

Ademetionine is used in the treatment of chronic liver (hepatic) problems. It helps the liver cells to function normally and reduces fibrosis of the liver.

How does this medicine work?

Animals with liver failure have a glutathione deficiency due to failure of the enzyme methionine transaminase. Glutathione is an important intracellular anti-oxidant. Ademetionine bypasses this enzyme and provides glutathione. It ensures good free radical scavenging and may reduce development of fibrosis.

How do I give this medication?

- Give this medication to your pet as directed by your veterinarian.


- Try to give this medication at about the same time(s) each day.

- DO NOT give the pet more medicine than directed and DO NOT give the medicine more often than directed.

- Try not to miss giving any doses.

- DO NOT discontinue the medication without first checking with your veterinarian veterinary surgeon. Contact your veterinarian in advance if your pet needs a repeat prescription.

What if I miss giving a dose?

Give the dose as soon as possible. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose, and continue with the regular schedule. Do not give your pet two doses at once.

How do I store this medicine?

- Keep this medicine out of reach of children. Store this medicine in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Store away from heat and direct sunlight.

Potential side effects

- Side effects may occur. If you notice anything unusual, contact your veterinarian.

Possible drug interactions

- Make sure to tell your veterinarian what other medication you are giving to your pet.

- Contact your veterinarian if your pet experiences any unusual reactions when different medications are given together.

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