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Sally Powell BVMS - Veterinarian

Sally is a Veterinarian at Town and Country Vet and works with Small animals. She has a passion and interest for soft tissue surgery and all things cardiovascular. Sally offers a cheerful, passionate service for our customers and their animals.

Sally grew up in Stirling, Scotland. Her dream to become a vet started from an early age, animal mad!. James Herriot was a huge influence in her childhood and despite being of “towny” stock, she made a nuisance of herself at various local farms and rural vet clinics
to get the experience required for vet school.

After a good few years of hard studying at the University of Glasgow, She worked in a mixed practice for several years in the north west of England before emigrating to NZ in 1995 where she continued in mixed practices until 2003, and raised a family.

Sally ran the Richmond Vet Clinic down the road before the they joined us in 2016 after their clinic combined with Town and Country Vet.

If you really want to see Sally in her element, in her spare time she likes to mountain bike, paddle her surf ski and walk the dogs in the hills.

Sally is married to Llyn (A vet and director of T & C Vet) and they have two children. They live on 50 acres with two very well behaved cats and two dogs who are mostly well behaved.